Vitali Proutski, PhD,  CEO

Dr. Vitali has significant experience and broad knowledge in molecular biology, virology and biochemistry. He has been involved in pharmaceutical and diagnostic development business for 25 years. His strong communicating skills and the ability to convince and encourage people are the keys of the success in popularization of personalized medicine.





Jekaterina Kristall, PhD, CSO

Dr. Jekaterina Kristall is a specialist in molecular biology and gene technology. Her PhD studies were associated with toxicology of amyloid beta peptide, a key pathological player in Alzheimer’s disease. Jekaterina has great skills in managing and organizational activities. She is responsible for the regulation of each step in our company, so it would be smooth and efficient.





Санкт-Петербург, ул. Литовская, д. 17, литер А

17A Litovskaya str., Saint Petersburg

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