Quality management system

The GenextEst LLC quality management system complies with provisions of ISO 9001 certification and is guided by the following fundamental principles:

Customer focus

Each project is started with gaining all the information and requirements of our customers and partners to meet their needs and expectations. We also are aware of the feedback from our clients to improve our services and introduce new ones.


We establish and maintain such internal environment, where each employee is involved in achieving organization’s objectives.

Involvement of people

Our organization is always retaining competent employees, support their development, encourage engagement and support initiatives to improve their effectiveness and establish inspiring working environment.

Continuous improvement

Our company is aimed to maintain current levels of maintenance, quickly adopt to changing conditions, create new opportunities with the focus on improvement.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

We carefully manage each our client, supplier and partner needs to perform productive involvement, collecting feedback and improving our relationships.

Санкт-Петербург, ул. Литовская, д. 17, литер А

17A Litovskaya str., Saint Petersburg

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