LLC GenetsEst is an official Representative of Invitae genetic tests. Our company provide you with test collection sets, specimen transport to Invitae laboratory and report the results within 30 days (including time of the speciment transport to laboratory).

Affordable prices for high quality tests!

Invitae’s mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people.

Hereditary cancer testing

All blood relatives of patients found to have a pathogenic or likely pathogenic variant on an Invitae diagnostic or proactive test are eligible for family variant testing. Our family variant testing reports on the variant(s) that was identified in the original family member, as well as any other pathogenic variant(s) found in the full gene.

More information about the tests can be found here.

Invitae_HereditaryCancer_Test and Gene_List 2022

Proactive genetic testing

For healthy adults who want to understand their DNA and focus on prevention

Invitae offers three testing options that analyze up to 147 genes that are well-established indicators of a significantly increased risk of developing hereditary cancers, cardiovascular conditions, and other medically important disorders.

Choose your proactive test (three options available: cardio, oncological, cardio+oncological)

Invitae's Diagnostic Panel Testing:

  • Quick turnaround:10–21 calendar days
  • Full-gene sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis
  • Flexible and Customizable panels
  • Re-Requisition at no additional cost within 90 days of report release date.
  • Family variant testing included in the price for eligible family members within 90 days of report release date.

Invitae's Carrier screening

  • Turnaround time of 10-21 days
  • Comprehensive screening for couples looking to assess the risk of passing on a genetic condition to their child.
  • Customizable panels with testing up to 302 genes

Planning for a family

Get helpful information to guide important health decisions before, during and after pregnancy.

Reproductive, Invitae Non-invasive Prenatal Screening and Carrier Screening

Testing for specific conditions

Get information to understand an inherited disease or uncover the cause of unexplained symptoms.

Diagnostic Panels available in:

Hereditary Cancer
Pediatric Genetics
Metabolic Disorders & Newborn Screening

NEW panels are NOW available!

Complete Neurology listings here.

  • Invitae Familial Hemiplegic Migraine Panel
  • Invitae Hereditary Moyamoya Disease Panel
  • Invitae Hereditary Rhabdomyolysis Panel
  • Invitae Epilepsy Panel

Complete Cardiology listings here.

  • Invitae Arrhythmia and Cardiomyopathy Comprehensive Panel
  • Invitae Comprehensive Lipidemia Panel
  • Invitae Congenital Heart Disease Panel

Complete Hematology listings here.

  • Invitae Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome and Thrombotic Microangiopathies Panel
  • Invitae Hereditary Hemolytic Anemia Panel
  • Invitae Iron Related Disorders Panel

Complete Immunology listings here.

  • Invitae Congenital Diarrhea Panel
  • Invitae Hereditary Angioedema Panel
  • Invitae Comprehensive Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) and Combined Immunodeficiency (CID) Panel *Now 163 genes*
  • Invitae Hyper IgE Syndrome Panel *Now 11 genes*



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