Customized collection

Researchers use various equipment to perform experiments. At the same time various experimental designs rely on different formats of biospecimens, processing protocols, volume, and number of aliquots, etc. Biobanks are not able to create collections of biospecimens of all possible formats and types beforehand. In this case, a lot of samples remain unutilized.

GenextEst and NBS DEVELOP:

  • Institutional collections with pre-defined parameters to perform its own research projects;
  • Internal collections of most demanded pathologies based on the typical inclusion criteria; processing protocol, and typical aliquoting;
  • Customized collections of biospecimens which features are defined by customers solely or upon our experts’ advice.


  • Inclusion criteria;
  • Exclusion criteria;
  • Biospecimen collection protocol (e.g., type of collection tubes);
  • Transportation conditions (e.g., temperature when transported from a collection site to a laboratory and maximum time before processing);
  • Laboratory processing protocol;
  • Format of aliquots (e.g., type of cryovials for aliquoting);
  • Volume of aliquots;
  • Storage conditions;
  • Volume and contents of sample-associated information;
  • Additional characterization of samples (e.g., additional laboratory tests);
  • Additional documents associated with samples (e.g., path reports, etc.);
  • Other (e.g., temperature logs, etc.)

Extensive laboratory capabilities of our partners allow us to utilize a wide spectrum of laboratory processing protocols. Elaborated protocols reflect various requirements defined by the customers such as centrifugation parameters, dilution, aliquoting, etc. Our partners strictly adhere to the conditions, criteria, and protocols set by the customers and approved at the feasibility request discussion stage.

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